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Amazon’s 2024 MCF Fee Changes What Sellers Need to Know

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Amazon's 2024 MCF Fee Changes: What Sellers Need to Know

As we step into a new year, Amazon sellers should brace for some important changes coming their way. Starting February 5, 2024, Amazon is updating its US Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) fees and size tiers, a move that will impact many businesses. But don’t worry, Moiz IT is here to break down these changes and guide you through them.

Understanding the Fee Adjustments

On average, MCF fees will increase by 3.5% across all delivery speed options. While this might seem like a significant hike, it’s relatively modest compared to the 5.9% average increase announced by other carriers. This demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to keeping costs competitive and manageable for sellers.

Good News for Light Shipments

For those who specialize in smaller, lighter items, there’s some good news. If your products have shipping weights less than 1 lb, you can breathe a sigh of relief. MCF fees for these items will remain unchanged or might even be slightly lower than current fees for standard speeds. This is a great advantage for businesses that deal in lightweight goods, offering an opportunity to maintain or even reduce shipping costs.

New Size Tiers for More Flexibility

Amazon is not just adjusting fees; it’s also revising its size tiers. A new smaller size tier of 4 oz is being introduced, which is perfect for those ultra-light items. Additionally, Large Bulky and Extra-Large size tiers will replace the current Oversize size tiers. This restructuring provides more granularity and flexibility, allowing sellers to find a size tier that more accurately reflects their products’ dimensions and weights.

Strategies for Adapting to the Changes

Review Your Product Portfolio: With the new fees and size tiers, now is the time to review your product lineup. Identify which items will be affected by the fee changes and consider adjusting your strategy accordingly. For products moving to a more expensive tier, consider ways to reduce packaging size or weight.

Optimize Your Inventory: Efficient inventory management will be more crucial than ever. Avoid overstocking, particularly for items that might fall into the new, larger size tiers. Use inventory analytics tools to keep just the right amount of stock – enough to meet demand but not so much that you’re paying unnecessary storage fees.

Explore Packaging Solutions: The introduction of the 4 oz tier offers a unique opportunity to reevaluate your packaging. If you can reduce your package size or weight, you might qualify for this lower tier, potentially saving on fulfillment costs. 

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official Amazon announcements and resources like the 2024 fulfillment fees for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders. Being up-to-date will help you make informed decisions and adjust your strategy as needed.


Change is a constant in the e-commerce world, and staying ahead means being prepared and adaptable. While the fee increases might seem daunting at first, they also bring opportunities to optimize and refine your selling strategy. At Moiz IT, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate these changes. With our expertise and your business acumen, we can turn these updates into advantages. Let’s embrace these changes together and continue to thrive in the vibrant world of Amazon selling.

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